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Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, this course teaches how to perform data analytics and visualization using the world’s best software (Microsoft Power BI and Tableau).

What you'll learn:

Course Description

In today’s corporate landscape, Data Analytics and Visualization have emerged as highly sought-after skills, with companies offering attractive remuneration for professionals proficient in these areas. Interestingly, Tableau and Microsoft Power BI are the two most widely adopted Business Intelligence (BI) tools for Data Analytics and visualization worldwide.

Welcome to the comprehensive course on Data Analytics & Visualization with Tableau and Power BI. This course offers the most complete and interactive training, comprising 90% practical and 10% theoretical content to ensure a hands-on learning experience.

The course is divided into two practical training sessions:

  1. Data Analytics and Visualization with Tableau: This session covers in-depth practical training with Tableau, including a total of 54 detailed training videos grouped into 9 series. You will learn how to leverage Tableau’s powerful features and functionalities to analyze data, create interactive visualizations, and gain valuable insights.
  2. Data Analytics and Visualization with Microsoft Power BI: In this session, you will dive into practical training with Microsoft Power BI. The session consists of a total of 58 detailed training videos grouped into 10 series. You will explore the capabilities of Power BI and learn how to transform raw data into meaningful visualizations and interactive dashboards.

Throughout the course, you will engage in hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios to reinforce your learning. With a focus on practical application, you will gain valuable skills and insights that can be directly applied to your professional endeavors.

Learning Outcomes:

By completing this course, you will achieve the following learning outcomes:

-> Mastering the skills of Data Analytics and Visualization using Tableau and Power BI

-> Acquiring in-depth knowledge of Tableau’s features and functionalities

-> Creating interactive visualizations and dashboards with Tableau

-> Leveraging Microsoft Power BI to transform raw data into meaningful insights

-> Designing interactive dashboards and reports using Power BI

-> Applying Data Analytics and Visualization techniques to real-world scenarios

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is suitable for:

=> Professionals seeking to enhance their Data Analytics and Visualization skills

=> Business Intelligence professionals interested in learning Tableau and Power BI

=> Data analysts and data scientists looking to expand their toolkit

=> Aspiring data professionals aiming to pursue a career in the field of Data Analytics and Visualization

Course Highlights:

=> 90% practical content for a hands-on learning experience

=> In-depth training with Tableau and Power BI

=> Interactive and engaging learning materials

=> Real-world scenarios and exercises for practical application


Tableau Series 1: Tableau Introduction
Tab 1. Introduction and Setup
Tab 2. Tableau vs Excel
Tab 3. Tableau- Live vs Extract
Tab 4. Data Types
Tab 5. View Data
Tab 6. Column Formatting
Tab 7. Sorting 1
Tab 8. Sorting 2
Tab 9. Drill Down and Hierarchies
Tab 10. Grouping
Tab 11. Measure Names and Values
Tab 12. Measure Names Values Usage
Tab 13. Parameters
Tab 14. Title and Caption
Tab 15. Exporting
Tab 16. Granularity
Tableau Series 2: Tableau Filters
Tab 17. Filters
Tab 18. Date Filters
Tab 19. Interactive Filters
Tab 20. Adv Interactive Filters
Tab 21. Where Tableau Filters
Tab 22. Data Source Filters
Tab 23. Filter Ways (continue)
Tableau Series 3: Mark Cards
Tab 24. Colours
Tab 25. Size
Tab 26. Labels
Tab 27. Detail and Tooltip
Tableau Series 4: Formatting
Tab 28. Fonts
Tab 29. Alignment
Tab 30. Shading
Tab 31. Conditional Formatting
Tab 32. Borders
Tableau Series 5: Charts
Tab 33. Charts Introduction
Tab 34. Bar Chat and Stacked Charts
Tab 35. Water fall and Funnel Charts
Tab 36. Bubble and Pie Chart
Tableau Series 6: Maps
Tab 37. Introduction to Maps
Tab 38. Map Layers
Tab 39. World Map
Tab 40. Custom Territories
Tab 41. Custom Geocoding
Tableau Series 7: Calculations
Tab 42. Creating Calculated Field
Tab 43. Rank Function
Tab 44. String Function
Tab 45. Logical Function
Tab 46. Table Calculations
Tab 47. Compute Using
Tableau Series 8: Dashboard
Tab 48. Introduction to Dashboard
Tab 49. Dashboard Formatting
Tab 50. Dashboard webpage
Tab 51. Story Point
Tab 52. Device Designer
Tableau Series 9: Tableau Online
Tab 53. Introduction to Tableau Online
Tab 54. Online Tableau
Further Learning


Power BI Series 1: Introduction
PBI 1. Introduction to Power BI and Download
PBI 2. Get data and Power Query Editor
PBI 3. Column Formatting
PBI 4. Creating Calculated Column
PBI 5. Creating Calculated Measures
PBI 6. Format Tab 1
PBI 7. Format Tab 2
Power BI Series 2: Power BI Charts
PBI 8. Column and Stack Charts
PBI 9. Pie and Doughnut Chart
PBI 10. Funnel and Ribbon Chart
PBI 11. Include and Exclude
PBI 12. View Data and Export in CSV File
Power BI Series 3: Power BI Other Charts
PBI 13. Line Chart and Drill Down
PBI 14. Area, Line vs Column Chart
PBI 15. Scatter Plot
PBI 16. Water Fall and Map Tree
PBI 17. Gauge Chart
Power BI Series 4: Power BI Maps
PBI 18. Maps 1
PBI 19. Maps formatting and Background
Power BI Series 5:Power BI Tables & Matrix
PBI 20. Tables 1
PBI 21. Tables 2
PBI 22. Tables 3
PBI 23. Hierarchies (Matrix)
PBI 24. Number Formatting (Matrix)
Power BI Series 6: Power BI Cards
PBI 25. Number Card
PBI 26. Text Card
PBI 27. Text Card 2
PBI 28. Date Card 1
PBI 29. Date Card (Relative Date)
PBI 30. Multi-row Card
PBI 31. Filter on Visual
PBI 32. Filter on this page
PBI 33. Filter on all Pages
PBI 35. Filters types
PBI 36. Drill Through
Power BI Series 7: Power BI Slicers
PBI 37. Text slicer and Format
PBI 38. Date Slicer and Format
PBI 39. Number Slicers
Power BI Series 8: Insert and Navigation
PBI 40. Insert 1
PBI 41. Insert Buttons
PBI 42. Action and Navigation
PBI 43. Bookmark and Drill Through (Actions)
Power BI Series 9: Advance Charts
PBI 44. Animated Bar Chart & Drill Down Donut Chart
PBI 45. Drill Down Column and Word Cloud Charts
PBI 46. Sanky and Infographic Charts
PBI 47. Play axis(slicer) and Scroller Charts
PBI 48. Sunburst and Histogram
Power BI Series 10: Power BI Service
PBI 49. Creating Power BI Service Account
PBI 50. Creating Power BI Account 2
PBI 51. Report 1A
PBI 52. Report 1B
PBI 53. Report 2A
PBI 54. Report 2B
PBI 55. Publish Report to Power BI Service
PBI 57. Comment, Subscribe, Share
PBI 58. Creating Dashboard on Power BI Service
PBI 59. Power BI Dashboard Problem and its solution
PBI 60. Review and Google Trends

Do you desire to learn how to analyze and visualize data?

We're offering Data Analytics and Visualization using Power BI and Tableau online course to take you from absolute beginner to advanced.

Fee: K400 only and includes:

=> Access to the full course
=> Free PDF Certificate of Completion
=> Free software (Power BI & Tableau)
=> Free course resources & materials
=> Lifetime access to the course

Note: We also allow payments in instalments with K250 paid at start and K150 paid at the end.

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"This course is very detailed with 95% practicals, the instructor also did great and taught very well. I am very happy I enrolled for the course and have learnt so much about Data analysis and visualization with the best tools available. Thanks alot for putting together such an awesome course."
Samuel Besa
"The course is well explained, easy to understand, and worth more than the price. Anyone who has an interest should grab it. I bet you won't regret it. Mr. Awesome, you are doing a good job. May the Almighty God reward you abundantly and increase your knowledge."
Mary Mwanza
"Wow! You are very detailed Sir I'm a table expert too I signed up with the intention to get a CERT but after watching the first video I am stock cuz I enjoy how you break it down and I'm learning so many stuffs Thank you"
Akornor Ebenezer Kwenor
"The journey has been an enlightening experience. I moved from clueless to professional! I'm still learning and relearning. I like the simplicity in language by the tutor and the hands-on experience is awesome. Thank you very much..."
Samuel Ibok
" I love the way he has dissected this course and made it so much easier to understand. This course has been worth every penny. Looking forward to exploring more courses!"
Khalenya Chelsea Kubasu
"The course is easy to follow, content explained in detail. Thank you very much for the rich content shared in the Data visualization course. Looking forward to attempting more courses on this platform."
Arnold Nyirenda

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