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Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, this course teaches how to professionally edit videos using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Learn securely online at your own pace.

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Course Description

Welcome to the Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Mastery course! 🎬🖥️ Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience in video editing, this course is designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge to edit videos professionally using Adobe Premiere Pro 2022.

Course Overview:

In this comprehensive guide to Adobe Premiere Pro, you’ll learn not only the editing tools available in the software but also the mindset and techniques of a professional editor. With 13 hours of easy-to-watch video lessons, practical exercises, and downloadable resources, you’ll dive deep into the world of video editing. Here’s what you’ll learn:

📝 Starting a Project: Get started by setting up your project in Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn how to import and organize your footage, create sequences, and set up your timeline for efficient editing.

✂️ Editing Techniques: Master the art of video editing by exploring various editing techniques. Learn how to trim and arrange clips, cut and join footage, use different types of edits, and create smooth transitions between clips.

🎞️ Adding Visual Elements: Enhance your videos with visual effects and professional titles. Discover how to add motion to titles, use text animation presets, and create engaging graphics to captivate your audience.

🎵 Audio Enhancement: Improve the audio quality of your videos by adjusting levels, removing background noise, and adding music and sound effects. Learn where to find free music for your projects and how to mix audio elements for a polished final product.

🌈 Color Correction and Grading: Give your videos a visually appealing style through color correction and grading. Learn how to adjust color levels, correct white balance, apply cinematic looks, and create a consistent color palette across your footage.

🔮 Advanced Editing Techniques: Take your editing skills to the next level with advanced techniques. Explore multi-camera editing, nested sequences, keyframing, advanced transitions, and speed effects to add depth and creativity to your projects.

By the end of this course, you’ll have edited a 1-minute documentary using the supplied footage, gaining practical experience and confidence as a video editor.

Course Benefits:

This course empowers you to create professional video projects and unleash your creativity with Adobe Premiere Pro. Whether you’re a video creator, aspiring filmmaker, or simply want to enhance your editing skills, this course provides you with the tools and knowledge to excel. You’ll receive instructor support, downloadable resources, and a certificate of completion at no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions:

📚 What are the course requirements? You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer to follow along with the lessons. Adobe Premiere Pro CC will be provided for free as part of the course.

🎓 Will I receive a certificate upon completion? Yes! A certificate of completion will be awarded to you at the end of the course, recognizing your mastery of Adobe Premiere Pro video editing.

💻 Are the course materials downloadable? Yes, the course includes downloadable resources such as practice video files and supplementary materials. You can access them offline and refer to them at any time.

🤝 Will I receive instructor support? Absolutely! I will be available to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions or challenges related to the course content, you can post them in the course or send me a direct message for personalized assistance.

Join this course and embark on a journey to become a skilled and confident video editor using Adobe Premiere Pro!

Who is this Course for?

This course is suitable for:

=> Professionals seeking to enhance their Data Analytics and Visualization skills

=> Business Intelligence professionals interested in learning Tableau and Power BI

=> Data analysts and data scientists looking to expand their toolkit

=> Aspiring data professionals aiming to pursue a career in the field of Data Analytics and Visualization

Course Highlights:

=> 90% practical content for a hands-on learning experience

=> In-depth training with Tableau and Power BI

=> Interactive and engaging learning materials

=> Real-world scenarios and exercises for practical application

Module 1: Introduction 
1.1 Resources Files, App and Installation Guide
1.2 How to Launch Adobe Premiere Pro
1.3 Creating New Project
1.4 Mini Intro Lesson
1.5 Understanding the Workspace
Module 2: Basics
2.1 Importing and Organizing Media
2.2 Creating New Sequence
2.3 Importance of Tools
2.4 Important Shortcuts
Module 3: Editing
3.1 Workflow Tips
3.2 Import and Adjust a Video
3.3 Motion Breakdown
3.4 Make a Still Sequence
3.5 Effects Controls Breakdown
3.6 How to Add and Adjust Effect
3.7 Warp Stabilizer
3.8 Solids and Adjustments
3.9 Edit a Video & Sync to Beat
Module 4: Caption and Graphics
4.1 Introduction to Essential Graphics
4.2 Creating & Customizing Basic Titles
4.3 Adobe Templates Library
4.4 Import and Customize Template
4.5 Creating Advanced Titles & Graphics
4.6 Title Transitions
4.7 Animate a Title Sequence with Transitions
4.8 Animating Titles
4.9 Animate an advanced Intro Title Sequence
Module 5: Color Correction and Color Grading
5.1 Introduction to Lumetric Color
5.2 Basic Color Correction
5.3 Basic to Color Grading
5.4 Custom LUTs Presets
5.5 Color Grade using Curves
5.6 How to create a Vignette
5.7 Adjustment Layers
Module 6: Audio
6.1 Audio Adjustments
6.2 Improve Audio Quality
6.3 Remove Background Noise PT. I
6.4 Remove Background Noise PT. II
6.5 Audio Transition
6.6 Sound Design and Sound Effect
6.7 Premium Audio Presets
Module 7: Effects
7.1 Effect Library Breakdown
7.2 Adjusting Effects with Keyframes
7.3 How to get the Cinematic Look
7.4 Masking in Premiere Pro
7.5 Apply scale effect on still images
7.6 Working with Green Screen
Module 8: Transitions
8.1 Basic Video Transitions
8.2 Basic Audio Transitions
8.3 Transition Overlays
8.4 Advanced Transition Presets
8.5 Create Custom Transitions
Module 9: Speed
9.1 How to Change Speed
9.2 How to use Speed Ramps
9.3 How to make Speed Ramp Transitions
Module 10: Exporting
10.1 How to Export Screenshots
10.2 Exporting Sections of a Video
10.2 Best Export Settings
10.3 How to Export in 4K Mode
10.4 How to Export with Transparent Background
Module 11: Bonus – Tips and Tricks
11.1 Edit and Add Caption to your Video
11.2 Basic Text Reveal Animation
11.3 Advanced Basic Text Reveal Animation
11.4 Create a Cinematic Title Reveal
11.5 How to Add Video inside Text
11.6 How to create a Crawling Text

Do you desire to learn how to professionally edit any video?

We're offering Video Editing Masterclass with Adobe Premiere Pro CC online course to take you from absolute beginner to advanced.

Fee: K350 only and includes:

=> Access to the full course
=>Free PDF Certificate of Completion
=> Free software (Adobe Premiere Pro)
=> Free course resources & materials
=> Lifetime access to the course.

Note: We also allow payments in instalments with K200 paid at start and K150 paid at the end.

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The lecture is really on point. The simple things are the most difficult to do while the most difficult things are the simplest to do. We're always thinking of sophisticated things meanwhile when some thing is simple, short and precise it's always really appreciated but our minds usually don't want such but we must train our mind to do simple quality things that last long. This is how this lecture is. Simple, short and precise.
Jane Nundwe
The lecture is really on point. The simple things are the most difficult to do while the most difficult things are the simplest to do. We're always thinking of sophisticated things meanwhile when some thing is simple, short and precise it's always really appreciated but our minds usually don't want such but we must train our mind to do simple quality things that last long. This is how this lecture is. Simple, short and precise.
Mary Mwanza
I'm really enjoying the class, i would advice others to take the risk and join the class, it would be much better if you download the videos for future reference. I only took the risk of either gaining or losing 68ghs and I'm enjoying the best class of my life..
Akornor Ebenezer Kwenor
The course is awesome and really interesting. I love the way the lecture or trainer is taking me through the course step by step which enables me to understand more about how to use Adobe Premier Pro in editing videos.
Samuel Ibok
I have actually learnt a lot from this course. I personally recommend this course to any beginner in Adobe premiere pro. The simplicity of the course and the simplified and detailed breakdown is second to none.
Khalenya Chelsea Kubasu
I really learnt a lot and enjoyed the lessons. Very detailed, easy to follow and educative. Beginner-friendly and also suitable for professionals in the field. A great job overall!
Arnold Nyirenda

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